Michael Kusman

"ELITE" Pattern project began about 2011. Fiberglass Fuselage , foam wing.

Maiden flight about 2015. Saito 1.25 "Golden Knight" Destroyed on second flight when left aileron detached. Center punched runway about mid-field. I still have all the little pieces from the Saito engine.

Bridi "UFO" - Began about 2014. Maiden flight about 2017.
All balsa fuselage with built up wing that was replaced with foam wing.
Been repaired and modified several times. 
Still flies like a dream. Currently powered by O.S. .75 AX.

"GITANO 60" - Began about 2013. Maiden 2019. Balsa fuse. , foam wing. Hope to be flying this one this season. O.S. .65 AX