Let's Go Flying

Flight Instruction:

One of the great benefits of being a member of LoveAir RC, is our flight instruction program. If you have never flown, are trying to solo, or wanting to hone and advance your skills, our experienced flight instructors are available to assist you. This includes assistance with setting up your new model in preparation for the maiden flight, or if you need help with the engine startup and performance. 

We have many volunteer instructors available to assist.  This will be done by appointment, as that is the most effective way for us to operate effectively. 

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please send an email to LoveAirNCRC@Gmail.com and we will connect you with one of our flight instructors.

Advanced Training
Scale Warbirds

Prop Twisters:

The  Prop Twisters welcomes all club members and guests.  Every week we have 8 to 15 flyers show up on a weekday at Drake Field for a morning flying session, often topped off with lunch at noon.  Flyers bring all kinds of airplanes from trainers and foamies to aeroboats, scale airplanes, helicopters and hand-launched flyers.  Buddy-Cord Training sessions take place for new pilots and pylon racing is featured from time to time.  

It is a great time to meet and interact with RC pilots who have similar interests and questions, to get advice and help, and to learn more about RC Aeromodeling.  And it is a great time to just catch up with good friends.

We usually meet on Tuesdays, weather permitting, and we change the day as needed to accommodate weather.

To be included on the email distribution list for weekly flying day information contact:
Jim Goins (Jim Goins - LoveAirNCRC@Gmail.com) or
Ken Schledwitz (Ken Schledwitz - LoveAirNCRC@Gmail.com)
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Prop Twisters - 2019

Prop Twisters - 2018

For additional details about flying, visit 'Other Userful Links' to learn about how our hobby caters to a wide variety of specialized interests, budgets and experience levels.