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LARC Events & News

2024 Events: Note - Please check back for updates and Event Flyers.

Membership Meetings:
During winter
months, indoor location, dates and time will be announced  **Check for Email reminders

Prop Twisters/Old Farts
  Weekly per Email instructions, dates selected based on favorable weather

➡️Field Clean up, May 11th, 2024

➡️May Fly, May 17-18th, 2024

➡️Jet Drivers, June 21-22nd, 2024 CD - Chris Douglas

Club Pot Luck, June 29th, 2024 (New Date)

➡️Fun Fly and Swap Meet, July 27th, 2024 (New Date)

➡️Summer Scale Classic, August 23-24th, 2024 CD - Bob Main

➡️Colorado Warbirds, September 20-21st, 2024 CD - Rich Perry

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