Renewing & Past Members Go Directly to the “Pay Dues Here” section below.

Use PayPal/Credit Card or the Pay-by-check option.

NEW Club Members (those who have never belonged to the Love-Air RC Club in the past):

1) Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics AMA at  Note that AMA Dues for Junior members are FREE until age 18.

2) Read and understand all AMA and LoveAir RC Club regulations (links provided below).

3) Send your AMA number to: Subject: 'LoveAir RC: Membership'

4) Pay LoveAir RC Club annual dues (use PayPal link or use the Pay-by-Check link below).

5) Once your AMA number is verified to be current, the club will email or send to you a membership tag that is to be cut out and taped on your AMA card.

6) If you have questions, contact Membership chair at: 

Subject: 'LoveAir RC: Membership'

Must Read Club Documents:

AMA Safety code (click here)

LoveAir Flying Field Safety Regulations and Procedures (click here)

Pay Dues Here by PayPal or Credit Card:

If you do not wish to use PayPal:

You can use this (Pay-by-check link) to print out a check mail-in form (this process may take a bit longer)

Checks may be made payable to LoveAir RC Club or to NCRC, Inc.


The membership year runs from April 1 to March 31 of the next year.  Dues can be paid anytime, but for each upcoming year, dues are due on April 1st.


AMA membership must be kept up to date for the entire membership year.


Annual Dues (Expire March 31st, 2021):

  • $125.00 – Adult Individual Membership

  • $150.00 – Family Membership

  • $25.00 – Junior Membership (under 18)

  • $25.00 – If NEW AMA Member


Family Memberships may include a member, a spouse or partner, and children under the age of 18, all of whom are living in a single household.

New members are those who have never belonged to the LoveAir RC Club at any time in the past. 

New members joining any time after October 1st, 2020 may pay $125 (or $150) annual dues in advance and their dues will expire on March 31st 2022.

Required for FAA

Anyone who owns a small unmanned aircraft that weighs more than 0.55 lbs. (250g) and less than 55 lbs. (25kg) must register with the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS registry before they fly outdoors. People who do not register could face civil and criminal penalties. This is an individuals responsibility to register with the FAA.  (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)