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LoveAir RC Training Program 

Prospective members just getting started in the hobby can benefit greatly by allowing LoveAir RC to be a part in the selection of your first airplane. We recommend airplanes having integrated SAFE™ technologies, which are designed to enhance the new pilot learning process. After purchasing an appropriate trainer, our instructors will then take the student through an instruction program that will include ground school, the use of a simulator and instructor assisted flying. 

Training is done by appointment which can be set up by our Flight Coordinator. Please send an email to and our Flight Training Coordinator will contact you to start the process.

LoveAir NCRC Training Process 

Our training program is designed for new (or rusty) RC pilots who wish to learn to fly RC Model Airplanes safely and skillfully at Drake Field, operated by the LoveAir RC Club. The success of this training requires students to actively gain knowledge and experience through flight simulation and by following the process outlined below.

The Training Process is broken into four distinct sections.

  1. Ground School and Introductory Flight on a Buddy Box

  2. Student Independent study using a Study Guide, Workbook & Simulator

  3. Buddy Box Flight session where student demonstrates flying skills

  4. Solo Flight by the student under the guidance of our instructor

Ground School & Introductory Flight: Learn about pilot safety, what makes an airplane fly, how the transmitter controls an airplane, how to operate a simulator and finally the basics of how to fly an airplane. The introductory flight has the instructor taking off and landing with opportunities for the student to safely experience flying an RC airplane. Must read: Know before you fly!

Student Independent Study: Work at home, using our Study Guide to walk through the workbook “One Week to Solo”. The workbook lessons are practiced first hand using the Real Flight Trainer Edition computer simulator, providing instant feedback on the ability to control airplane flight.  These simulator sessions will develop necessary hand to eye skills for safe aircraft flight.

Training Tools:

  • The "One Week to Solo" workbook will be provided to new students entering into our training program. 

  • Students who wish to purchase the Realfight Trainer Edition simulator for themselves can request up to a 50% club contribution toward the purchase of the software and dongle.

Buddy Box Flight:  While flying their airplane, the student will demonstrate flying skills learned from the Simulator Training session(s).  Our instructors will demonstrate the flight maneuvers required to achieve Solo Flight.  The Buddy Box sessions will allow flying skills to be honed and for the required maneuvers to be practiced in preparation for the solo flight demonstration. Together, the instructor and student will determine readiness for Solo Flight.

Solo Flight Demonstration: The instructor will ensure the student's airplane is properly bound to the student's radio. The instructor will fly the airplane to ensure proper trim. The student will demonstrate their flight skills at the direction of the instructor. By accomplishing the prescribed flight maneuvers and demonstrating an understanding of our field and safety regulations, the student is determined to fly independently at Drake Field.

In summary, our LoveAir NCRC Training Process is designed to help the student become proficient enough to fly RC Airplanes at their own pace, yet quickly and efficiently.  It is meant to provide effective training in a manner that is fun and respects the time spent by both Student and Instructor. Refer to the New Pilot Progress Checklist to understand the flying skills and knowledge learned in each of the four sections of our program. 

NOTE**: For students to progress past the Initial Ground School/Introductory Flight session, they must fulfill two requirements:

  1. Join both AMA and LoveAir RC Club

  2. Have an RC airplane appropriate for training purposes. See suggested Airplanes and Flight Simulator

Welcome to a great training process and if you have any questions, please make sure you get answers before you proceed into this wonderful, challenging hobby. We look forward to seeing you at Drake Field.

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