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Balsa Bashers

2019 Project - Pinwheel 60

There are 2 rules.

1. We all start with the same kit. Based on Basher feeback we've selected

the Alien Aircraft Pinwheel 60, pictured.

We are purchasing our Pinwheel 60 from 'Things with Wings' (TWW) in Greeley.  

Participating Bashers have already paid for our kits.  If you wish to build this kit at any time in the future, you must purchase the kit individually. 

2. Let's have fun 


Bashers can do whatever they want with their Pinwheel 60 kit. Build them strictly to the plans, or bash the heck out of them. Again, let's have fun with our Pinwheel 60 build... it doesn't matter what we end up with.

We will give ourselves plenty of time to complete our projects (the 2020 Fun Fly was discussed), then present our finished Pinwheel 60's to the club. Date TBD.

Members have been invited to join a Google Group called the 'Love Air Balsa Bashers'. We will use the group forum to post our progress and answer questions. We will also hold meetups for build/bashing demonstrations, sharing building tips and techniques, identifying helpful tools, and providing flight readiness assistance. 

You may also email Michael Tillotson, our Bashers Coordinator at

Pinwheel 60.jpg

Bob Main - Pinwheel 60

Bob said: "smooth, fast and doesn't slow

down easily"

We said: "Beautifully done!"

Pinwheel 60 w/ OS 46AXII
Pinwheel 60 w/ OS 46 AXII

Rich Perry - "Twinwheel 60"

Rich bashed a twin using .25 FX Nacelles,

and it's going to be fast!


Carl Beisel - Pinwheel 60

"Love using magnets over a

metal sheet! Allows precision

placement of build elements."

Power: OS 46 AXII

CB - Pinwheel 60 #2_edited.jpg
CB - Pinwheel 60 #1.jpg
Pinwheel 60 Carl B.jpg
Pinwheel 60 w/ David Mosier's Viking.jpg
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