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Balsa Bashers

2021/2022 Project - Old School Model Works: Quickie 500

The basic Quickie 500 fuselage and wing are beautifully laser cut and are easy to assemble. From there, the decision around which power option to use for the Quickie. Experienced Bashers are gravitating to .25-.35 size glow engines with electric conversion as an option. To achieve the proper center of gravity (C.G.), Bashers experiment with how to best mount engine and flight control components to achieve the proper C.G. Without this early attention, the Quickie can tend to being tail heavy. Some of the early builds are experimenting with tail mounted servos or mounting power components forward. Another observation during early flights find the landing gear wires to be overly flexible, causing the Quickie to bounce on landings. Custom bending heavier gage 3/32 piano wire for the landing gear is one solution. Regardless of these challenges, the Quickie 500 is fun to build, and is providing to be a fast yet easy flier. The Balsa Bashers look forward to seeing more of these planes completed and flying at Drake Field.

Left to right - Rich Perry, Kent Paul, Bob Main, Tom McIntyre

Carl Beisel - 4S Electric w/ Leapord 3542-5T 1080KV Motor

Kent Paul - with rear mount rudder servo

Jim Goins - Red has OS-35
Yellow has Thunder Tiger 40

Fred Smith - Quickie 500 Engine

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