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Whether you are new to Helicopters or an old pro, LoveAir can fill your needs. Drake Field has a paved runway where you face East, and a grass electric only flying area where you face West. Most of us fly electric helicopters, so you can enjoy your helicopter all day long with the sun at your back. However, you are allowed to fly electric helicopters in either area. The Nitro or Gas helicopters are limited to the paved runway and, the pavement sure keeps your helicopters clean.


Helicopters are a challenging but rewarding slice of the RC pie. We have a few helicopter pilots in the club and would welcome the addition of many more. We are working on a battery charging station system to allow you to fly as long as you like. Help with building, maintaining, and learning to fly is available from club members.


To those of you interested in starting to fly helicopters invest in a simulator. You will quickly discover, that both hands are pretty busy. A simulator will get the brain working and providing proper control inputs to maintain the desired orientation. Don’t be discouraged if you find the simulator difficult, they are for all of us. But, if you can fly the simulator, you can fly a helicopter. If you decide to buy, make sure to buy from a company that has good part support. Unlike an airplane a helicopter is surprisingly repairable. Replace the damaged parts and your helicopter will be as good as new. Give it a try and please contact us at with any questions.

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