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Prop Twisters Junior Sponsorship Program

The Prop Twisters (aka Old Farts) have established a Junior’s Sponsorship Program to pay for the Membership and AMA dues for both levels of Junior Members along with entry fees to any club flying events.  The Prop Twisters have a lunch every week with voluntary contributions for the food costs.  The contributions always exceed the cost of food and these dollars are used to fund the Sponsorship Program.  Additionally, the Old Farts Sponsorship Program funds will be used to help procure equipment and airplanes for Junior members along with equipment needed to repair planes.  Finally, club members have donated numerous airplanes and other equipment that is both distributed to Junior members and sold at the club swap meet.  Any excess funds collected by the Old Farts will be given to the club for capital improvements.

The Prop Twisters welcome donations of both cash and equipment/airplanes for this program.


PayPal donation to the Junior’s Sponsorship Program:

Operating Budget

The Operating Budget covers known and anticipated expenses for annual club operations. This includes expenses for Drakes Fields lease, portable toilets, trash removal, operating and maintaining our website and weather station and for maintaining the runway. These recurring expenses are reviewed and allocated each fall by our club BOD. 

PayPal donations to the Operating Budget:

NOTE: Donations to either LoveAir RC fund are welcome and tax exempt. 

Our formal business identity is: NCRC, Inc. dba LoveAir RC Club, and it serves the aeromodeling RC community of Northern Colorado at Drake Field.

NCRC, Inc is an IRS 501-c-3 tax exempt corporation and a Colorado non-profit corporation. The purpose for which the Corporation is organized is to be a club or association whose members engage in the education of members, guests and the community of Northern Colorado about the science, technology and art of RC aeromodeling and engage in the training, promotion, and practice of the science, technology and art of RC aeromodeling.

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