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RC Combat

Another exciting and challenging event in the world of RC is Combat!!   The first question that comes when the term RC combat enters the discussion is "what exactly do you do"?    


Essentially RC combat is flying similar performance models, tugging a streamer, and trying to cut the streamer with your prop scoring points.   The rules of most RC combat classes give points for cuts scored by prop or by the wing, and also points are awarded for air time. This encourages pilots to stay in the air.  Mid airs are not encouraged or welcome, although they do happen. 

The matches are run quite simply actually.  The announcement is given to start engines and get in the air.  After 1 minute an alarm is sounded to begin (engage) combat!  The matches last 7 minutes after which another alarm is sounded and an announcement goes out to land.   Points are also given for the amount of streamer  brought back  by your airplane (not cut).  

The RCCA (Radio controlled combat association)  is the special interest group with the AMA for RC combat.  They have established rules for all of the classes.  They organize and run these events at the AMA Natonals every year. Some of the more popular classes are  Open class b (.25 unlimited), 2548 scale, SSC or slow survivable, and Gnat.  There is also some headway being made incorporating electrics into the classes as well. 

RC combat similar to RC pylon racing is a true head to head event, and is quite addicting!  Something that everyone should at least try at one time or another. 

Tom Neff and Norm Names with Battle Axe
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