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RC Warbirds

Over the last 10 years or so the most popular aspect of RC model aviation has been the Warbird!   

What is a warbird you might ask?  Well, essentially it is any aircraft used during armed conflict between nations. Typically these aircraft carried guns, bombs, and engaged other aircraft trying to destroy one another or targets on the ground. 

You would be hard pressed to find an RC aviation enthusiast that does not have a warbird that at one time they dreamed of.  Who was not an excited young kid watch the corsairs on the TV show Baa Baa Black sheep?   Many of us started by building plastic models, which are almost all warbird aircraft. 

So here we are masters of our RC trainer and what is the first thing we want to step up to?  A P51 Mustang, P47 Thunderbolt, FW 190,  Mig 3, Sopwith camel,  ME 109,  the list goes on and on!  


Keep in mind warbirds are not limited to WW2.  There are amazing subjects that have participated in all of the conflicts since 1914 (WW1) .  Many pilots tend to gravitate toward  one era or another.  It is clear though, the 2 most popular are WW1 and WW2.  

Almost every RC model club has an annual warbird fly in.  If this sounds exciting to you, grab your  foamy Mustang, or build up a big B-17 bomber and mark your calendar!  Warbird meets are great fun, and bring friends from far away together.  No wonder it is such a popular aspect of model aviation. 

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