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Scale Models

Scale modeling is the building of a scaled down version of a full scale aircraft.  Competition scale modeling is the duplication of scale documentation submitted by the contestant, and then flying the model through 10 maneuvers.  Typically through 4 rounds.  100 points is given for accuracy of outline, color and markings, and craftsmanship.  The models are judged from 15' away.  This judging is called "Static".   This is done the day before the flying part of the competition.  Larger scale contest take 3 day to complete. 


There are many different classes of scale modeling.   FAI (designer), Sportsman, Pro Am, Team, and Fun.   Not all classes have a builder of the model rule, allowing almost ready to fly models to compete. These classes do not get static judged.  They simply get a 5 point bonus for showing a picture of the plane they are flying. 

Flying is the most important aspect of scale modeling by and large.  The ability to fly your scale masterpiece in a scale manner is very challenging.  During construction it is very important to ensure your model will fly well.   Making sure not to get too heavy.  

It is also important to note that all aircraft that have actually flown as a full scale design are eligible. Not just warbirds.  Even though warbirds are quite popular, civilian aircraft are more prevalent at larger scale events. 

Scale modeling is extremely challenging, very rewarding, and a great deal of fun. If you have ever had a full scale aircraft you dreamed to have a model of, give it a shot!  

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