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Balsa Bashers

MayFLY 2022

We had a good turn out for May FLY 2022  to brave the wind and, at times, sprinkle of rain to have some great flying. 

Jordan was out Friday morning, but couldn't stay for dinner. Jordan is becoming a good flyer.

- Carl came out with a handful of planes including his original GLH. It was cool to see the old school model with an electric conversion and Rich's new built GLH with an old school .049.  Both flew great.

- Matt and Luke came out and didn't stop flying until they had to wait for a battery to charge, or the wind to die down. I hope you guys had a great warm up for next weekend at your Iowa event.

- Rich brought his newly completed FW190. Flies great, and great to see most of the bugs worked out on it.

- Paul Came out with his Q-TEE and his almost complete Quickee 500.   Once again Paul you blow me away with your craftsmanship that Quickee belongs on a magazine cover.

- Mike Maxwell came out to say hello and check it out.  I am glad to have Mike participate in the Duellist build.

- Joe Adamain (honorary Basher) joined us for dinner and joined in on the fun. 

- Eric and Oliver came out after dinner to camp out, and fly in the morning.  I think Oliver is still cleaning burnt marshmallow off his fingers.  I lost count of the marshmallows he consumed.

- Fred Joined us for breakfast and flew his Quickee Saturday morning.

All in all. the event was a success and from the feedback we got, will happen again. Ideas for next year are being formed. GLH class pylon racing........So if you didn't make it this year,  we will try and get a date set early for next year.

The Balsa Bashers is a subgroup of LoveAIR RC. We are a like minded group who prefer to build rather than to assemble. We meet once a month during the build season for demonstrations on building and finishing techniques, discussions on RC Tackle, build tools, plane designs, and the latest RC News.  What better way to spend a few hours each month, than to hang out with a group of RC Builders talking about RC airplanes?


The 2021/2022 Basher Season came to a close last night with a round table discussion of our Quickie 500 build.

We went around the room and shared tips, tricks, hiccups, and setups of each of our builds done and in progress.

A lot of the discussion was a reiteration of common build practices and techniques that pertained to the Quickie.

We did have a few tips that raised eyebrows even with the most experienced builders. Hopefully our first time builders gained a little confidence to start their build. The first timers all know that if they run into a snag or have questions, they have a list of willing "experts" to answer questions.


With a number of Quickies already built and more on the way to being finished, we should have a great racing season ahead of us. We will continue to update the progress of individual projects and during our Balsa Basher's First Annual MAY FLY..... details to be provided soon!


View the individual projects by following the links below.

Sixteen Quickie 500 kits were delivered to our Bashers for a cost of $138. The Bashers also plan to meet to discuss and compare notes for going the electric route, addressing build questions, and with planning our racing circuit. For kit details see:

Note: Pylon fun races and practice started in 2021 with the early build Quickie 500s earning their reputation as an fast, easy flying racer. As more planes are completed and participate in racing, we expect to learn which power sources provide the best performance.

There are 2 rules.

1. We all start with the same kit. Based on Basher feeback we've selected

the Alien Aircraft Pinwheel 60, pictured.

We are purchasing our Pinwheel 60 from 'Things with Wings' (TWW) in Greeley.  

Participating Bashers have already paid for our kits.  If you wish to build this kit 

at any time in the future, you must purchase the kit individually.

Note: The pre-purchase rate negotiated with TWW may not apply.

2. Let's have fun 


Bashers can do whatever they want with their Pinwheel 60 kit. Build them strictly to the plans, or bash the heck out of them. Again, let's have fun with our Pinwheel 60 build... it doesn't matter what we end up with.

We will give ourselves plenty of time to complete our projects (the 2020 Fun Fly was discussed), then present our finished Pinwheel 60's to the club. Date TBD.

Members have been invited to join a Google Group called the 'Love Air Balsa Bashers'. We will use the group forum to post our progress and answer questions. We will also hold meetups for build/bashing demonstrations, sharing building tips and techniques, identifying helpful tools, and providing flight readiness assistance. 

You may also email Michael Tillotson, our Bashers Coordinator at

Pinwheel 60.jpg

Click image for details

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