Membership - Annual Dues Payment 

Returning member AMA numbers are on file and will be verified..

Confirmation emails are sent once dues are paid and AMA status is verified.

If you would rather use a Credit Card instead of PayPal:

1) Select the correct "Buy Now" option, opening the PayPal login page

2) Select the "Debit or Credit Card" option at the bottom of the page

3) Follow instructions for the "PayPal Guest Checkout".

NOTE: The “PayPal Guest Checkout” will not create a PayPal account.

Individual Annual Adult Membership (New Membership or Renewal): $125 

Family Annual Membership (New Membership or Renewal, Spouse and kids under 18): $150

Junior I Annual Membership (New Membership or Renewal, under 18): $25

(See note below for Junior Sponsorship Program)

Junior II Annual Membership (New Membership or Renewal, 18 to 24): $50

(See note below for Junior Sponsorship Program)

New to Hobby Membership: $25

Annual Long Distance Membership: $65

(Contact  if you have questions about this rate)

NOTE: Junior Sponsorship Program

The Prop Twisters Group has established a membership program to reduce the cost of membership for both Junior I and Junior II members. To apply for a sponsorship, please send an email to Subject: 'LoveAir RC: Junior Sponsorship Program'