Solar Charging Station


After several month using the Solar charging station, it was determined that it's location on the east side of the conex caused both battery chargers and batteries to warm excessively due to direct sun exposure. We've addressed this issue by relocating the charging station to the north end of the conex, which is constantly shaded. The effect of this move was immediately noted with normal temperatures for our equipment.

Last fall, the LoveAir RC Board of Directors approved a preliminary design and budget for a solar charging station. A team of volunteers was assigned to the project led by Carl Beisel - system design, prep and installation; Rich Perry - charging shelf installation; Michael Tillotson - charging rail and solar panel installation; Jim Goins - CONEX preparation. Special thanks to Fred Smith for providing design validation and installation help, to Greg Vaillancourt for helping with the charging panel installation, and to various other club members for stepping in and providing a helping hand.

On May 18th, 2019, the charging station was completed.               


View our solar charging station design: 

Charging Station Use: 

1) Turn ON power - the volt meter should be lit and have a reading above 12v

2) Open Charger Port Cover using tab on lower right corner

3) With care, attach battery charger connectors - Red Pos (+), Black Neg (-)

4) Charge battery per normal settings

5) When finished, carefully remove charger connectors and close Charger Port Cover 

6) Turn OFF power!! 

7) Double check all Charger Port Covers are closed and power is OFF!

Preparing and Installing the Charging Rail (6 outlets with 2 charging ports each) 

Preparing and Installing the Charge Controller Panel and Battery Bank 

(200 amp hours available with batteries alone)

Power is ON (Turn OFF when not in use!) and Charging Shelf (8' x 16")

Installing Solar Panels and Wrapping up (2 x 310 watt solar panels)